Generative physics animations in Illustrator most certainly fall into the “because it’s there” / “for no very good reason other than it’s possible” category. But the results are hilariously awesome. See above, Adobe fans.

The tool behind this is very cool, too. Processing lovers who don’t already know the insanely great toxiclibs library – and its ability to unlock complex math and geometry magic with very little effort – should absolutely go explore: [links, documentation, and loads of terrific tutorials and demos]

It’s Java-ness makes it ideal for other Java-based projects, too, including Android. But that library, in turn, has come to JavaScript:

Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Illustrator that opens it up to JavaScript – and may be a new reason to even use Illustrator.

Add this easy-to-use JavaScript library to Scriptographer for Illustrator, and within that generative environment you get animated fun. See discussion:

More animation in Illustrator: Ping Pong in Illustrator, also thanks to Scriptographer.

Brilliant. Anyone else come up with interesting stuff with this environment, we’d love to see it. Found via Andreas K√∂berle on Google+.