The folks at Resolume have been posting some terrific tutorials on their blog, but this one deserves special mention. Resolume’s audiovisual tool Avenue has sonic and even plug-in hosting capabilities, meaning you could use it as a go-to, all-in-one live music and visual performance tool. But musicians and producers and DJs are naturally familiar with Ableton Live and its unique capabilities, and may already have their sets there.

Enter a simple but powerful set of tools, built in Max for Live, for combining the two programs. As seen in the video at top, you get two functions:

1. Automatically trigger Ableton (audio) clips each time you trigger Resolume (visual) clips.

2. Forward parameters from a Rack to Resolume – so twisting, say, a Grain Delay effect could add a pixellated effect to your visuals, or whatever you imagine.

Via OSC, a Dispatcher tool does the work behind the scenes. There are ways of doing this with OSC via a variety of tools, so think of this as an example of what’s generally possible. That said, it’s also a very handy convenience having everything built for you, if you’ve already got a copy of Ableton and Max for Live.

More discussion at their blog post:
Max for Live Resolume Patches

Rigged something like this yourself, using Ableton, Resolume, or other tools? Let us know about it. And if you have a Max (or Pd, or Osculator, or whatever) patch to share, tell us about that, too!