Out of an explosion of terrifying industrial noise, through a murky haze of retro-tinged monochromatic texture, Sigur Rós emerge in an enigmatic teaser for a new project dubbed INNI.

In case that arresting grind of gears and aggressive cacophony don’t square you away, you’re treated to film of the band playing and more-characteristic, lullaby-like tunes.

It remains extraordinary to me what a phenomenon Sigur Rós and, via bandmates, Jónsi have become. These Icelandic maestros have made all manner of sonic experimentation wildly popular, bringing their moody, sometimes-cinematic, meandering compositional genius around the planet.

Some music I like, personally, is very unpopular. Some makes Stereogum – like Sigur Rós. And in this case, I’m excited for a new release. (Most readers are betting, and I agree, on a live concert video release. If it all looks like this, that’ll be just fine.) Strip away the visibility, the artiness of a particular band, and to me Sigur Rós’ members have represented some vitally important musical imagination in recent years. You?

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