3D stereoscopy may be the next big thing. Or… a really old thing that keeps coming back. Or a fun excuse to hand out glasses with your music video / performance. Or something.

Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the homebrewed video “Videodrome” for Great Tiger. This is no big-budget production, and that has me thinking. As MTV did nothing to celebrate 30 years, other than pumping out the usual reality TV crap that they’ve decided to make their legacy, the original creative spirit of that network lives on

In fact, at some point, I planned an extended editorial on the subject, but … well, there’s not much to say. We don’t need MTV. What was great about MTV in its early days is now great about the Internet. And the best days of the music video are almost certainly ahead.

And that… oh. Actually, that’s probably all I need to say.

In the meantime, add this to the “you know you’re a VJ / visualist when…” list.

You know you’re a VJ when you enjoy watching the red/blue stereoscopy without the glasses.

I want to live in this white, red-and-blue fringing world in which stylish vector graphics sometimes burst through the walls. Decorating idea, noted.