This week holds for me lots to talk about on CDM, lots to teach, lots to make – and for many of our readers, it’s an action-packed week coming back from summer vacation and/or a long weekend. So, let’s start it off right with some good music.

Jakub Alexander is a Brooklyn-based DJ whose work I’ve followed for some time. He’s one of the contributors behind the always-tasteful ISO50 blog, and he helms Moodgadget, the underrated and eclectic label that is perhaps more than other the “farm” label for Ghostly. Under the alias Heathered Pearls, Jakub is himself on Ghostly, and released an LP entitled Polite Isle. I’ve been meaning to do a proper interview with Jakub on all this stuff, but perhaps what I really need is just a couple of great music mixes to boost my productivity and make it happen.

At the end of August, Jakub gave us this:

Boards Of Canada – Ithcus Sound
Ikons – Honey (Coyote rmx)
Woolfy vs. Projections – Isabella
Tornado Wallace – Swimmin’
Worst Friends – Ski Hive
Clashing Egos – Aminjig Nebere (Joakim’s afrobot mix)
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #6
Studio – Life’s A Beach (Todd Terje beach house mix)
Sourya – Anatomy Domine (Prince Language mix)
Blackjoy – Moustache (Prins Thomas diskomiks)
Tiger & Woods – Deflowered
Spoon – Don’t You Evah (Matthew Dear mix)
Seth Troxler – Aphrika
John Selway – Shake The Snow
18 Carat Affair – I Wanna Love You

Once you exhaust that:

Dolphins Into The Future – Onset – Beyond Clouds
Ducktails – Horizon
White Rainbow – Major Spillage
High Wolf – Utopia
Nacho Patrol – Caravelle
Subway – Delta Ii
Stellar Om Source – Island Best
Nite Jewel – Bottom Rung
Newworldaquarium – Noworldbutu
Direwires – Leamington (Rob Theakston Remix)
Benoit Pioulard – Drowsy
Lusine Icl – On The Line
Loscil – Strathcona
Signer – Dreaming About Making Music To Dream To
Heathered Pearls – Untitled (12/10 Field Recording: Pioulard Talking)

And here’s some more, via Bandcamp:

I want to talk to Jakub more about his original music and the label, but since I’ve tipped my hand that I’m working on that (and put him and me on the spot in the process), please do let us know if you have questions. (“Who the hell are any of these people?” is a valid question. “Who is this Peter, anyway, who keeps saying words?” That, too. Answering questions is why we’re here. Journalism!)

Want visual inspiration with your sonic stimulation, in the meantime?

Aside from the always-gorgeous ISO50, washes of misty pastels and hazy gauzy geometric goodness evolve as though you’re waking in a beam of sunlight and happiness at:

— along with the essential what-is-Jakub-doing-now stuff.

And, oh yeah, there’s even an awfully-pretty t-shirt. (Okay, talented artist-designers: it’s fall. I’m headed to Berlin, possibly Chicago in December. Hoodies, people, hoodies. I guess I can wear the t-shirts indoors.)

Sadly, this design had wonderfully-crisp lines, and then someone had to wash it on hot and tumble dry. Kidding. I’m kidding. It’s a beautiful blur of color and I want one, to tell the truth.

Now… downloading mixes, donning headphones, getting to work, hoping for legroom as I fly across America. You?