The beauty of the visualist movement is sometimes, amidst spectacle, you get little gems of creative ideas. Those could, in turn, become the imaginative original products used in live visual sets.

And for those who can appreciate such work, even an everyday moment can become creative fodder.

Florian Dobler managed to fight the boredom of a road trip by making something new. He writes:

“I’m a motion designer and an avid reader of your blog. Recently, I finished a small motion short called ‘Sisters’. I shot it while stuck in a car with three beautiful sisters and a dog during a dull, 10-hour drive. Later, I added some visual effects using After Effects, [with] some trapcode plugins (Form and Particular).

On behalf of the dog, I’d like to say, that’s three beautiful sisters and one beautiful dog. Ahem. Four beautiful fellow travelers.

“shot on a canon 60d and a 50mm 1.8 in 720p50.”

I really love the subtlety of some of the effects atop the cinematography, and hte way they blend together, and it seems a nice bite-sized morsel for the weekend. Cheers, folks. Keep them coming.