North America: it’ll kill you, m***********.

Sure, you know what the United States can do to destroy your taste in Dubstep, and how it likes to roll without health insurance. And you probably think USA when you think fatally-unhealthy cuisine. But meet USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada. The country that takes cheese, fries, and fat to a whole other level has made bad eating into a YouTube meme. I got to see the Epic Meal Time crew at a party in Toronto in June, but … uh … didn’t exactly have a reason to mention it on CDM. (Create Digital Food isn’t up and running yet.) Canada, you’re awesome, at least so long as I’m not trying to get over your border or mail things, at which point the phrase “iron curtain” comes to mind.

Until now.


And this is a perfect time to segue into a discussion of…


Actually, you know what? No. Deadmau5 is a … digital musician. Let’s just watch him eat a bunch of cheese and eat it like that. (And if you don’t like Deadmau5 for some reason, I’m sure this you’ll be able to mine some rich metaphors out of this. For fans, that slick soundtrack may just make you … hungry. I’m oddly hungry. I’m glad I didn’t post this Sunday morning, though, for anyone still hungover.)

Via MusicRadar – thanks, Chris Barker