It’s a creative spot for a company – Ericsson (the network folks, not to be confused with Sony-owned Sony Ericsson, the mobile phone company). But it’s worth mention here for a few reasons.

One is, it’s nice to see clever design and match moves, yes.

Two, the message of the vendor in this case – about the networks on which we all live – is compelling, even if here in the service of just that one vendor.

But three, and what put me over the top even though this site is the “Motion” site, is that sound design and editing is what makes these spots work for me. The impact of the motion effects, the stuff on which many readers of this site are most focused, is actually pretty useless without the soundtrack and the crisp, carefully-timed, minimal and expressive sound design. (That’s especially true in the motion spot.)

That for me made this worth posting. Sound can be the punctuation that makes the visual really work. It’s not a separate element as such, even: it makes the visual message stronger.

Erik Sellgren of Stockholm, Sweden-based House of Radon – a CDMotion reader – sends this in on behalf of his agency.

Below, another trailer for Ericsson: