What happens when projection mapping and stop motion come together and make sweet, visualist love?

Watch “Suburbia,” the charming, percussive music video, populated by mysterious birds and aquatic dino skeletons, to find out. The ingredients: VJ app Vidvox VDMX plus easy Mac map-anything tool MadMapper.

Robert Jarvis explains how he did the video for band Virtual Proximity:

It’s all projection mapping captured one frame at a time and then animated. The process quickly became tedious – after an hour or so setting up a shot there was another hour of *click* move one frame forward *clack* take a photo. I teased out a way to automated the whole process using a square wave LFO in VDMX to automatically click each frame forwards in the time it would take for my cameras
intervalometer to tick over. The animation process then became almost hands free.

He has also produced a video showing the process:

The ‘making of’ vid features still more music — “1983” by 1.1 Immerman. http://immermann.bandcamp.com/


“Suburbia”, from the album Virtual Proximity 2 by James Annesley

Animation by Robert Jarvis