Mapping Festival is a real-world hub for visuals, a place where photons against surfaces and human visualists converge in the physical realm, and not just online. So, we’re very excited to see what happened in 2011 – and to look forward to 2012. We’ve been watching some of those videos in the past two months:

“This Medium of Light”: Movement and Flickers in New Mapping Fest Trailer
From Technique to Medium: Mapping Festival in Videos Immerses Eyeballs

Today, we have three more videos, showing movement and choreography, audiovisuals against dance and projected on cloth, and a stunning Kinect-powered workshop.

It’s almost too late for you to get involved. The deadline for submissions has been extended to tomorrow, Friday, December 2.

From top, the videos:

The Kinect-based workshop.

Partnership Mapping Festival/ Master Media Design Head – Geneva

Body Double looks at various methods of integrating Kinect sensors into interactive installations and performances. Two methods of vision capture are explored : the first dealing with detecting body morphology and the second dedicated to analyzing points in space. A development library already in use by the CityMedia project is used as a starting point. After a brief introduction to the tools, workshop participants built prototypes which were then applied directly onto the City Media system.

Video credit:
Camera: Camille Dedieu, Linda Cavaliero, Jerome Monnot, Vania Jaikin Miyazaki
Editing: Jerome Monnot
Music: ‘Belleville’ by Ikkaku (Courtesy of Micropunto Schallplatten)

The exquisite audiovisual piece, on cloth:

Memorsion is a tridimensional audiovisual experience made up of twenty-two large cloth canvases assembled to create a unique maze of video projections. It appears as a labyrinth and pictures a fictive urban world. The audience is invited to enter this disturbing environment and meditate on urban architecture and cultural memory.

Video credit:
Camera: Jerome Monnot,Vania Jaikin Miyazaki
Video assistants: Camille Dedieu, Linda Cavaliero
Editing: Jerome Monnot
Music: Manuel Chantre

The computer-augmented dance choreography:

DISORDER by CENC [Centre d’Expression Numérique et Corporelle]
This artistic performance is an interplay between contemporary dance and computer-generated imagery aimed at conveying the feelings of a person through sound, dance and video.

Dance & Choregraphy: Kevin Ramseier
Programing: François Moncarey
Music: Ben frost & Tarrabass

Video credit:
Camera: Vania Jaikin Miyazaki, Jerome Monnot, Camille Dedieu
Editing: Jerome Monnot