I was actually pleasantly surprised to see our MeeBlip open source synthesizer make a cameo in the latest teaser video for Lemur on iPad, the app I saw in action at Berlin’s Watergate. I expect we’ll have full details soon – and I hope to visit the MeeBlip-in-a-book again soon; even apart from being flattered and gratified to see it use our synth, it’s one of my favorite synthesizer housings ever. But, really, truly, I had nothing to do with this video – that’s not me being coy; I didn’t expect to see it.

Yes, it’s jerky teaser vision, but I love the jam that gets going halfway through. (Curious about the drum machine sounds; no, the MeeBlip doesn’t make that bass drum sound – at least, not at the same time as it’s playing, since it’s monophonic.) I just hope this means we see MIDI out on the Lemur app, in addition to OSC – that’s be a big jump forward from what even the original Lemur hardware could do.

And yes, the secret’s out of the bag – Lemur for iPad will be announced by http://liine.net/en/ – though note that the MeeBlip is the creation of Gwydion from Konkreet Labs. Normally, I would refrain from posting this sort of video, but I rather enjoyed it.