VIDEO-SL is the video plug-in for Serato’s Scratch Live, extending the turntablist / virtual vinyl metaphor from sound to the realm of video. Once loaded, you can manage video clips and control them with vinyl or CD as if they lived on records, a clever rendition of something that would technically be impossible (or at least difficult) in the non-digital world.

Ed.: A reader notes that in fact there are encoded “video vinyl” records; I’m not sure the behavior, however, would be the same as audio – that is, what’s unique here is treating the vinyl video signal as exactly analogous to audio on a turntable. Maybe there is a way to do that, though, if someone can enlighten us.)

You can manage, mix, add loads of effects and transitions (many audio-responsive), for instantaneous audiovisual DJing. The only catch is you need some specific elements in your setup: a computer with a capable graphics card, and a copy of Serato with a Serato-capable interface from Rane. (Clarification: An early version of VIDEO-SL worked only with the Rane TTM-57 SL mixer. Now, you can use a number of Rane mixers and interfaces, and via a supported Rane interface, a non-Rane mixer. There’s also now MIDI support for performing from any MIDI controller you choose.)

But for Serato users with that setup, adding video powers just became a no-brainer. The software is on sale through the end of December for only US$99 (half off the usual price). And if you don’t have a hundred bucks but do have the rest of the setup, CDM can get you one of a couple of copies we’ve got for free. So we can be equitable, just write in comments a brief explanation of why you deserve to get the freebie and what you’ll do with it. If we find an answer compelling (hint: promising to help us share what you do with it on CDM would be a big help), we’ll announce you as one of the winners.

If you’re curious what all the fuss is about, see the video at top, in which French gentleman Joachim Garraud shows you around how he’s using Serato and VIDEO-SL on tour.

Free loops from that project:

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More on the product (including requirements):
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