So, you probably think that you can bring out a massive array of colored LED boxes, have them pulse hypnotically to your music, and dazzle us, because we love color and light.

You’re probably right.

CDM reader Stefan Yazzie writes:

A few friends and I created this audio-visual DJ stage to accompany our live shows. We are the visual collective ‘The Paranormal Unicorn’ and this is our new baby. It’s made of wood, plexiglass, some custom programming, a lot of electronics and even more love.

DJ duo Skitzophonics plays the music atop the stage, which involved, say the creators, “hundreds of hours of sweat, blood and alcohol were spent creating this sexy piece of eye candy.” I believe it.

If you’re in Vienna, you can catch a live show on the 16th of March at Superbacon.

Part of what I do enjoy about this is, because of the DIY spirit of all this stuff, you aren’t just seeing acts who spent some money to tart up their show. Something of the personality of the artists comes across. And it’s a delight as these kinds of toys liven up electronic shows. So please, bring it on. (Who’s with me?)