Now that they’re more expressive and more affordable than ever, analog modulars are finding their way into a lot of visualist studios. Here’s a teaser of some work by reader Johnny Woods. He writes: “Nothing digital whatsoever (it’s all rutt-etra style animation and video synthesis), but I thought you might get a kick out of it!”

You thought right.

Full description:

Preview for an upcoming series of audio-visual videos.
Also, just a beautiful combination of colors and shapes.
Animated using analog techniques on an LZX Visionary modular system.
Audio and video by Johnny Woods.

The LZX was a huge underground (literally) hit of the NAMM show, squirreled away in the basement of the Anaheim Convention Center. Their stuff is doing some simply amazing stuff, and the best demonstration is the impact they have on human behavior. People are simply mesmerized by them, staring into their brilliantly-colored displays (some of which really require a CRT, not YouTube).

These colored lighting patterns just make me … happy. You can explain to your significant other that it’s cheaper and healthier than an actual drug addiction. (Well, at least it’s healthier. Possibly.)