Lisbon, Portugal-based multimedia studio Dub Video Connection shares their 2011 showreel with CDM, as they play big-screen visuals with some of electronic music’s biggest acts. (Yes, it helps having this kind of showreel and documentation!) I love the high-energy abstraction and patterns amidst high-contrast ephemeral imagery, so I asked the artists to tell us a little about their inspiration and the rig that makes it happen. They tell CDM:

We are a multimedia studio that explores video art as a tool of improvisation, speech, and ambient design. We are based on a premise of pure visual impact, where the influences of musical method merge with the imagery of light, painting and cinema.

We use a quite-basic rig but we try to explore it at the top!

We use Modul8 to control the visuals and we mix it with two computers in order to improve performance. When we are working on video mapping, we use Max/MSP and Jitter to break [down] the mesh output. Nowadays, we are developing new content and exploring reactive and generative videos, integrating those in our shows.

All content is produced and developed by our team in our studio in Lisbon, Portugal. In our VJ reel, we use content from our VJ performances in festivals and clubs in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Holland, and France.

We will be in Mannheim, Germany for Time Warp 2012 on March 31.

We are responsible for the stage design and all visual content. We are preparing a multimedia performance to present in Mannheim and then in Milan (October) and somewhere in Time Warp Holland in December 2012.

Thanks, Dub Video Connection people! We’ll be watching.

If you have a showreel you’d like featured, send as much quality documentation you can and be prepared to tell us a bit more about what you do, and get in touch!