Enough of pointing cameras at iPads and iPhones and Android phones and things. Let’s use the power of these massive computers with wireless capabilities and do it wireless already.

Result: screencasting your latest iOS creation (hi, developers) or getting live video from a Processing app on an Android tablet onto a VJ app running on your Mac – and many other possibilities – become possible. (Now, more creative applications may be tough, because of compression … okay, until someone works out a way to compress it more, thus giving us nice, glitchy results. Testing required.)

Bonus: while we work on trying this out here at CDM, our friends at Audanika, makers of the beautiful SoundPrism musical instrument, test it out with some great musical goodies. Now, you can see those tools in powerful combination, making this sort of two CDM posts in one. In the video:


Camtasia for Mac

SoundPrism Pro



Audanika, via Twitter

Reflection looks very nice, but the fine people of SyntheFX – makers of some amazing live lighting control – turn us on to AirServer. Aside from a sophisticated UI, it works with Android, too. (That’s why I mentioned Processing on Android – and with the iOS and Android devices apparently populating around here, for developers and techies and digital artists, it’s an all-in-one solution for your mobiles, provided you’ve got a Mac or Hackintosh to connect to it.)


Life is good. Doesn’t that put you in a good mood on this Monday? (Erm, fellow … nerds?)