If you were lucky enough to gaze into the northern skies above Earth last week, you might have seen a spectacular light show, as a solar storm bombarded the planet’s atmosphere and lit up the Aurora Borealis. A humble digital reflection of that phenomenon, the Aurora Dress brings sparkling, colored effects in LEDs to something one person can wear. And as live and interactive visuals explore worlds beyond rectangles with techniques like projection mapping, here you glimpse a future in which you can don your electronic imagery as fashion.

The work of London-based wearable tech experts CuteCircuit, the Aurora Dress couples LEDs with crystals. We’ve seen work like this before, but as this tech evolves, we go beyond simple sparkling effects to increasingly-varied imagery that makes the body into a kind of screen. As the creators describe it:

Designed exclusively for the opera performance at the prestigious annual event organised and hosted by the Swiss company Breitling, the Aurora Dress is one of the most representative piece of the CuteCircuit Haute Couture Collection.

Designed with a daring plunge neckline adorned with hundreds of Svaroskwi crystals, this unique evening gown creates a stunningly elegant silhouette.

Made with silk taffeta and chiffon, the Aurora Dress includes LEDs technology that creates many different patterns, from sparkly colous to an incredible fall of rainbow.

Our LED future starts to look increasingly bright.

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