The pace of technology has made past and future fold in on themselves, to the point where old things can look futuristic, what was once techno-shock can become nostalgic warmth, and the future can look dated. Our own Matt Earp waxed poetic on music’s take on these aesthetics by connecting them to worn VHS tapes. Com Truise’s music follows a similar pattern. Here, in an evidently-unofficial video, one Myk Dawg takes a straightforward approach: he just puts together a whole bunch of DOS visuals, animating screens from real software tools and generating new motion from text characters.

Of course, that doesn’t make the results less satisfying. File this away when you get audited for buying old PCs on eBay: it is a business expense, after all.

The more screens you recognize, the more awesome you are. If the rough, acid-colored textures of the ASCII or ANSI characters trigger deep memories of what each hex code is, you are the most awesome winner of everything.

And, of course, watch on your eight-core machine in 720p, because…

Kids, ask your parents, or show your parents how to install a virtual DOS machine on their MacBook Pro. Via Adi Robertson over on The Verge, easily my favorite general-tech site.

Here’s some official Com Truise video action, too: