On a tremendous three-screen rig at Nantes, France’s new Stereolux venue, Berlin-based u-matic and telematique show off their latest custom Jitter rig. By networking their machines, they’re able to collaborate; Syphon lets them separate the generative tools from the mixer (an increasingly-nice solution on the Mac).

The results are geometric and abstract, fitting the Berlin-themed music on this showcase. (I played this venue as part of the Pure Data venue the day before – it’s a really terrific new spot, and it’s great to see some activity in France outside of Paris! Now, let’s see what some of the French artists are doing, too.)

It’s nice to see the way the collaboration works here. We’ll keep sharing your sets if you keep sending them in, so send in those showreels and live sets and we’ll feature them regularly. Have a good weekend, folks, one I hope is indeed generative.

More details:

Documentation of a panoramic live VJ performance from telematique and u-matic
Date: 31.03.2012
Venue: BERLIN:GO Festival, stereolux, Nantes, FR

Music: Sascha Funke, Audionite
Vj performance: telematique + u-matic

u-matic and telematique are mixing abstract and staged content live to the music of the DJs.

Behind the scenes:
They are using specially-designed software tools programmed by telematique to do the live mix on the panoramic screen on stage. One tool is generating abstract content sychronous to the music; the other makes it possible for both artists to work on the same output.

The “mixer” and the “generator” are connected with Syphon and controlled via OSC from the artists’ computers.

Each artist can use their own favorite hardware controller and has their own interface for arranging the clips.

Tech specs:
Controller: AKAI – APC-40, POS-keyboard, M-AUDIO – UC-33e, Doepfer Pocket Dial
The software tools were realized in Max/MSP/Jitter.


I also really love this collaborative work:

BETON is a joint venture of
telematique and u-matic (Video),
Bogger and Miwon (Audio).
More information about the project,
you can find here: BET0N.de