Just the mention of Italy tickles the art nerves in a lot of us, from its history to its ongoing culture. If that appeals to you, don’t miss this open call for a terrific festival at the beautiful Villa Tittoni Traversi in Desio, Italy (outside Milan).

The Kernel Festival will feature digital and visual art, and along with entries like Mapping and LPM, definitely figures as one of the highlights for electronic creativity this summer. Mapping is a big part of the content, but just one part – more or less every medium is covered. (Disclosure: I’m on the audiovisual/mapping committee. Oh, so, actually, double disclosure: it might interest you to know that I’m on the curatorial committee, since you already know what I like as you read this site daily.)

The call is for artists under 35, and the deadline is 30 April 2012. So, you’ll want to hurry – before April 30th passes, or before you get any older.

The event runs 29 June through 1 July. Categories:

More on the festival, and all the open call details. (And do come along if you can even if you’re no longer “under 35” – don’t worry, I’m about to join you in that zone; us old people can party.)

Open Call 2012
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