The worlds of sound open to us as musicians seem limitless, endlessly unfolding in variety and possibility. So, even in a series of impressionistic moments from an upcoming film, it’s a delight to see composer Maja Ratkje play with sound.

The Norwegian musician and vocalist, an improviser frequent collaborator with artists like Jaap Blonk, is seen making wild sounds with her voice, experimenting with found sounds from field recordings and music boxes, and playing, too, with electronics and technology.

There’s perhaps not much more to say about this other than to let the experience of exploring sound in music wash over you. (It’s nice to see what I believe is her kid getting in on the action, too!) More background:

some impressions of the footage we filmed in 2010 (Berlin, Suffolk, Switzerland, Bruges, Trondheim, Oslo, and several other places all over Norway).

Edited by Ted Zbozien, Cleveland
Produced by Genesis Film, Haugesund/Oslo in co-production with dffb and IJB, Berlin

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The film was promised in 2011, though I couldn’t find anything on it; let us know if you can. Thanks to stkr/Pete for the tip.