Toy theater moves from the epic facade of a grand performance space to something scaled, in human terms, to miniature. Projection mapping can do the same thing. Just ask artist Tonner Vi. As writer Erica Gonsales has chronicled for The Creators Project, the Colombian artist has though small – egg crate small. The results can be brilliant, with cleverly-conceived content. Here, that moves to a whimsical take on the home game console. (Warning: may cause a surge of nostalgia even for non game nerds.)

Lots of tools here, including CDM regulars Cinema 4D and Ableton, but Modul8 does the ultimate heavy lifting on the projection.


VISUATARI – 3d Videomapping installation
By Tonner Vi & veoseven

Visuatari is a work using the technique of 3D videomapping, in order to contrast this latest technology with classic sound and picture to video games, giving honor to that days, where children admired such technology could not fail to see and play in front of that virtual world so unknown and so interesting as well.
Enjoy !!!


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This just in – a nice spot for the new iluzion visual label, which also features Tonner VI’s audio work: