. / HEXASTRUCT from Jean-Michel Verbeeck on Vimeo.

You’ve seen work like this before, but keep watching – Jean-Michel Verbeeck’s execution is exquisite. Let me throw a phrase out there to describe this meme around projection mapping and augmented projection:

Neo-Baroque Abstract Expressionism
Post-minimalist Trompe L’oeil

(I mean those – I’m not just turning into one of those arty bollocks generators.)

At top, one of the “stacks of blocks” variety, but I also enjoy the more reason geometric superhero figure below. Details after the jump.

. / INNOVATES from Jean-Michel Verbeeck on Vimeo.

Top video:

Hexagonal Video Mapping – Augmented Sculpture.
Director: Jean-Michel Verbeeck.
Sculpture Design: Jean-Michel & Jean-Philippe Verbeeck.
Company: Konstruktiv Media Labs.
Soundtracks: 1) Kangding Ray 2) Eleven Tigers
Projector: Mitshubishi HC3800
Software: Cinema 4D / After Effects / Madmapper

Video, second from top:

Audio visual light canvas installation that explores depth / perspective & illusions of perception. Like the title of the installation describes – this is a representation of the next step in human evolution – We call this ‘Innovates’ – People who try to innovate and create new paths and opportunities. With this installation Konstruktiv tries to inspire the audience with thoughts about their own perspectives and possibilities in life and about themselves as humans living in 2012.
Director: Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Sound Design Installation: Jean-Philippe Verbeeck
Camera: Jean-Michel Verbeeck
Soundtrack video: Kangding Ray
Presented at:
-Fiber Festival 2012 Amsterdam, Netherlands
-Bleed Graphic Design Festival 2012 Ghent, Belgium
Software used: Maxon Cinema 4D / Adobe After Effects / Adobe Illustrator / Ableton Live / Madmapper

Jean-Michel is also known for his production company, Konstructiv, and also goes by VJ Konstructiv. That team is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

And all of this means, keeping with the theme of the last 24 hours’ posts, I can say, again:

Belgium, man. Just Belgium.

Also: Cinema 4D and MadMapper. These two things are becoming a real mainstay.