Some people release remixable stems. Some people release little tools or utilities. Glitch Factory is a complete tool set for live performance, combining performance presets, an Ableton Live set, and even remixable track stems. It’s like getting to borrow someone else’s computer to see how they play – after they first cleaned everything up and made it usable for you. It’s a chance to break out of your performance world and walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit, then use that starting point to warp things into your own musical aims.

The work of Mr. Bill and Will Marshall, two Australian producers, it’s yet another example of how custom software setups, hardware mappings, and musical content can combine into an idiomatic musical environment.

APC mappings. Click for larger version.

Mr. Bill writes:

Will Marshall and I have collaborated on putting together a template for playing live sets through Ableton with the APC40. I’d already had a fair idea of what I wanted to do before the collaboration seems I’d been playing off the APC40 for well over a year now, however running the default script for it was a little bit limiting.

Just a short note on the scripts, basically in Lives preferences you select which script to APC40 reads to behave the way it does (so stock standard the script you use is just called APC40), however we’ve created a new script that comes in the pack with the template that you load up, and this changes the behaviour of the controller. So for instance there’s now LED PPM meters on it, and bank selecting is much more efficient (for this template anyway), also there’s momentary mutes, and momentary effect holds, basically we hacked the script so it does custom things.

The pack also comes with 4 tunes worth of stems in it (3 of my tunes and 1 of Will Marshall’s) to get people started straight away.

Installation instructions:

And a complete walkthrough:

It’s a fascinating idea. US$20. If you try it, let us know what you think.