Once a novel technique, the likes of which could land you a gig, projection mapping is fast evolving into a fundamental skill every visual artist must have. It’s the ability to work not only with your content, but to be creative with its delivery, almost as much as something as basic as an alpha blend or a crossfade. It separates the visualists who work within rectangles and those who don’t.

As a semi-daily chronicle, this site often provides specific stories about one project or another. In the short film “Augmented Reality,” by Belgian filmmaker Dane Luttik, the camera pulls back to a big-picture overview of what the technique is about.

It’s perfect for introducing those new to the idea. But even if you’re skeptical about such things or tired of lots of projection mapping – indeed, especially if you fit under that header – it offers insight.

I’ll excerpt one quote from Ilan Katin, though, that I think is best of them all:
“To do it right … you need to have an idea.”

The artists are ANTIVJ and Jean-Michel Verbeeck. From the video notes:

Mapping projects by AntiVJ
0.14 3Destruct (AntiVJ 2011)
1.16 Nuits sonores (AntiVJ 2009)
1.20 Mécaniques Discursives (Legoman 2012)
1.22 St Gervais (AntiVJ 2010)
5.45 EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL (Joanie Lemercier – AntiVJ 2012)
6.48 Enghien (AntiVJ – 2009)
more info: antivj.com/
Mapping projects by Jean-Michel Verbeeck
1.29 Hexastruct
2.43 Quantum