It’s odd that these days we’d reignite the debate over what DJs do. DJs mix records and make people dance. This seems reasonably understandable and valuable, and there are plenty of known variations on the topic.

The realm of the unknown may be with what the VJs, or visualists, or live visual performers do. (Yes, down to what exactly to call them.) So, against those mixed records, we see visuals from the .wju crew that are more improvisatory and unexpected. This set of visual decisions is not unfamiliar, but it’s also far from pre-determined – nothing said that this had to be the visual design to go with a party by the Watergate crew (from Berlin) in Poland.

And in this nicely-shot reel, it’s clear what can happen. To rip off an ad slogan from an American TV ad, VJs don’t make the party. They make the party better.

(My latest philosophical ramblings aside – I’ve been troubleshooting server configurations for the past 48 hours — I I’ll say this, the .wju collective is well worth noting!)

Video taken at the Watergate Night Party in Stara Rzeźnia / Poznań. /

visuals by .wju /
cinematography / Arkadiusz Zub
editing by / Arkadiusz Zub / Mikołaj Ludwik

.wju /
.wju (pronounced as view) is a team of three students from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań. Their work is best described by the form of their name and name of their crew. They extend like a typical .jpg / .doc / .com unusual events in an unique way. They are mixing various techniques such as mapping, 3D mapping, performance, sculpture, installation, or a mural, building and desiging stages, giving each party with their participation special, memorable and multisensory character.

Thanks for sending us your stuff, .wju! And y’all keep our inbox full. We can’t get to everything, but we do appreciate seeing what you’re making.