Instagrammed padKONTROL (CC-BY) Daz Heath.

Music production tools like Renoise have a tremendous amount of power. But what if you could program grooves with the kind of touch-a-pad workflow offered by something like the MPC? In the latest example of users doing wild things with the powerful API in tri-platform tracker Renoise, mxb attempts to make a sort of Renoise MPC. It’s all made possible with the Korg padKONTROL drum controller. And he’s looking for testers – yes, while there may be a handful of people with this rig, you can bet many of them read CDM. mxb writes:

This tool is for the (unfortunately discontinued) Korg padKontrol, and presents an ‘MPC/Groovebox’ style interface to Renoise.

The tool is still in development and I am trying to get more testers to assist the debugging process. Finding users with Renoise and padKontrol’s is difficult.

A couple of videos show what this all looks like:

More documentation, downloads, and testing information:
New Tool (2.8): Pking MPC/Groovebox workflow for Renoise