Play enough Game Boy – as some of you may have done in your childhood (or recently) – and you could start to dream in washed-out grayscale pixels. Artist David Stoll sends a music video that seems to emerge from that dream.

David – aka The Beep – tells us this creation is “a demake 8-Bit Game Boy Music Video I’ve made recently and it
features 8-Bit interpretations of a MPC 2000 and an SU-10.” Yes, incidentally, a “demake” is a thing. It repurposes the game visuals to produce something that treats the video pixels as a medium.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: the interest in these forms is more than nostalgia. Somehow, in the unique parameters of this medium, those familiar with gameplay can resonate with the way these operate emotionally. The game graphics become simply a narrative style, an idiom, to me. But judge for yourself.

Bonus: this music is great, and – okay, this might be for purposes of nostalgia – you can get them on tape. Details:

taken from ‘Secondhands Vol.2’ released on Sichtexot / 2012.

Available as digital download or tape.

This video features real Game Boy resolution and colors and has been painstakingly put together pixel by pixel over a whole year by myself. Most sites are actually real and even the tags can be found around my city. I loved my Game Boy and Super Mario when i was a young kid and my dad used to snatch it to play Tetris (and beating me all the time).
This is my tribute to both.