Mapping Festival 2011 – Video documentation trailer from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

Mapping Festival 2012 – Teaser from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

Mapping Festival is simply one of the highest-quality festival venues for innovative visual work. Beyond just what “mapping” itself would describe, it’s consistently been a terrific filter for what Ilan Katin describes so eloquently in the video above as “this medium of light.”

And now, if you, dear readers, think you have what it takes, you might be part of it. The call for works begins later this month, with AV, workshop/lecture, and installation submissions the second half of August and Clubbing and mapping (small ‘m’) in October. In other words, now’s the time to get that documentation together.

And it seems, likewise, the perfect opportunity to reflect on the visual output of Mapping Festivals past. Here are just a few of my favorite documentary videos.

Enjoy. And as for your submissions, bonnes chances!

9e ├ędition /// 2 – 12 mai 2013

MAPPING FESTIVAL 2013 CALL FOR ENTRIES: August 15th to September 20th and October 1st to 31st, 2012!

It has been only two months since the last Mapping Festival, and we ready for more! The dates for the next edition are set: May 2nd through May 12th, 2013. So we are pleased to announce the open call for submissions!

This call is open to everyone working in all disciplines of audiovisual art and digital culture. Whatever your imagination and creativity can muster! Submit your audiovisual performances, installations, workshops, or other audiovisual multidisciplinary projects to be presented at the Mapping Festival!

How to submit your project?

You must submit a COMPLETED form by registering online at:

** PLEASE NOTE: There are two periods for submissions, each dedicated to specific disciplines:

The first period is from AUGUST 15th through SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012 and is specifically for:

– Audiovisual performances
– Installations
– Workshops / Conferences / Software demonstrations

The second period is from OCTOBER 1st through the 31st, 2012 and is specifically for:

– Clubbing: VJing / AV Set
– Video mapping

We wish you the best of luck!

And save the dates for the next Mapping Festival: May 2nd to 12th, 2013!

Coming Up Next /// 3D Architecture Mapping @ the Museum /// Mapping Festival 2012 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

Audiovisual installations /// Le Commun (BAC) /// Mapping Festival 2012 from mappingfestival on Vimeo.

Mapping Festival 2012 /// Clubbing audiovisual party from mappingfestival on Vimeo.