Push play, eh? Photo (CC-BY) Annie Roi.

Sometimes, it’s worth pushing pause on overheated blog diatribes and angry Facebook threads. Step away from the computer, you can have a real conversation. Resident Advisor, in the latest installment of their regular Critics roundtable, takes on three hot-button issues with a mix of people able to bring some nuance to the chatter.

And since it’s a podcast – part of their excellent RA Exchange series – you can listen while doing dishes or driving to work.

I’m one of the panelists in the series, but all three are touch some vital issues:

Visas and cross-border international shows. Australian-born DJ/producer Deepchild is the latest person to hit snags on the Canadian border; he talks about issues elsewhere, as well.

Pressing play. Deadmau5 pressed someone’s buttons, tipping off a fresh wave of debate over just how much people are really doing in live electronic music performances. Guests for this discussion: yours truly for CDM, plus Jim Mazur of Native Instruments and RA contributors and editors Todd L. Burns, Will Lynch, and Philip Sherburne.

Performing rights. Burns, Lynch, and Sherburne talk about a proposed performing rights rate change that famed German clubs like Berghain and Watergate say could close their doors forever. It’s on the lips of plenty of producers of events and music alike here in Berlin, but it also spotlights issues with performing rights and rate structures in the digital age, worldwide.

Give a listen — and let us know what you think, as all three of these issues are worth ongoing coverage here on CDM:
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Lastly, if you want more Deepchild, XLR8R just checked in with the artist and shared a free download of his new track “Noise Machine”.