VJ Fader and Mandy Mozart about A+V from LVX.TV Institute for Live-Video on Vimeo.

Visuals can accompany sound, make elaborate light shows that splash color behind music, or turn music into a stunning spectacle. But really fusing visuals and music into the sense of one medium? That’s a bigger hill to climb.

In another interview shot at Rome’s international LPM festival this year, artists Mandy Mozart and VJ Fader speak eloquently about rising to this challenge, and treating audiovisuals as a single instrument. Watch:

We talked with Mandy Mozart and VJ Fader about their interesting audiovisual project A+V.
The Visuals are designed mostly in Processing and the audiosamples are fieldrecorded. The Visuals and the sound are interconnected via Midi, so Mandy Mozart and VJ Fader play sort of an “audiovisual synthesizer”.
Camera: Brigitte Fässler and Mannik Keng
Audiomix: Hidden Stash
Production: Niculin Barandun

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