Mapping interactivo sobre maqueta “Piano & Mapping” from Perro Verde on Vimeo.

In an audiovisual etude, a piano player is translated to architectural projection mapping in a new work from Barcelona. The translation is not overly strict, but instead makes a kind of counterpoint, a duet between pianist and building. No word yet on whether this will be realized at full scale, but – in the flat environment of a computer display, of course, you won’t see the difference.

It seems this sort of light organ arrangement may gain renewed interest as musicians and visual artists alike tackle the question of how to make immersive visuals that amplify performance technique, not simply distract from it.

Sito Ruiz tells us more:

Interactive Video mapping on scale model of the City Council of Mollet del Valles (Barcelona).

We experimented with the union of several disciplines — graphic design, animation, visual arts, music and programming, connected through MadMapper — interact live with the musician, in this case, a pianist.

The actual building was constructed by architects Serra-Vives-Cartagena; there is a great visual poem of Joan Brossa “A” in the front.

Yes; the play of the architect with the facade fits neatly with the addition of projection.

En Español, por Perro Verde en Vimeo:

A, Video mapping interactivo sobre la maqueta a escala del Ayuntamiento de Mollet del Vallés, (Barcelona)
Experimentamos con la unión de varias disciplinas, diseño gráfico, animación, artes plásticas,
música y programación, conectados a través de max msp, interactuan en directo con el músico,
en este caso un piano.
El edificio real, construido por los arquitectos Serra-Vives-Cartagena, el centro de la Fachada, hay un gran poema visual de Joan Brossa “A”.