Experimental Light Sculpture from Karim Mansour on Vimeo.

There’s something about seeing new work from students. It’s one thing to see something fully emerged, but another, unique pleasure, to watch it as it develops. And so, here’s a particularly good example from the first semester of 2012, a team of visual students from Germany experimenting with the potential of light.

It’s not really “projection mapping” – in fact, it’s rather the opposite. While it is popular at the moment to use deformations in the projection to tailor an image to the surface, here, the surface disrupts the image. (The latter was what people did almost exclusively, before they acquired or built tools that made it easy to map images precisely.) But the effect of that is quite successful – physical sculpture accompanies the light sculpture.

Have the look, and students (or other experimenters), we love to see what you’re making.

Studentproject at btk-fh Berlin. This is an animation projected on a deformed wall to investigate behavior of projected light.
created by: Niclas Dietrich, Marc Doemer, Karim Mansour and Maximilliane Wadler
music: Amon Tobin – Surge (16bit remix)