Generative Gestaltung from Benedikt Groß on Vimeo.

“Generative design,” as a concept, describes design that goes beyond the direct hands of the creator, to the work that can emerge from rules and systems in organic fashion, in productions that require computer code – and with it, mathematic thought – to realize the realms of imagination.

It’s also the title of perhaps my favorite book on creative coding, a gorgeous tome that explores design concepts clearly and simply in the language Processing. That book, Generative Gestaltung, was available initially in German, then translated to French, but at last is available to English-speaking audiences. It expands the reach of this epic work by authors Benedikt GroƟ, Julia Laub, Claudius Lazzeroni, and Hartmut Bohnacker. You can see just how gorgeous it is by watching the flip-through above, or order it on Amazon:
Generative Design: Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing [Amazon shopping link]

All three language editions of the book are available at the book’s site:

But for another glimpse of generative design and what it can accomplish, let’s go behind the scenes with Onformative co-founder Cedric Kiefer (who started that firm with said book’s co-author, Julia Laub). In an extended talk at Campus Party Europe in Berlin, Kiefer elucidates the idea and talks about his own work, technically and creatively. Grab a tea – perhaps your algorithmically-generated, 3D-printed cup of tea – and watch.

Generative Design – CampusParty2012 from onformative on Vimeo.