Rusty’s Revenge from magicpockets on Vimeo.

Music making, like a finely-tuned kitchen workstation arranged by a master chef, might come down to a few, carefully-selected tools, sharpened to make quick work in minimum…

Oh, shove it. Let’s watch live music made with so much gear it looks like one act stole everyone else’s flight cases and decided to have a go of combining all of it.

Leaf, the artist himself, puts it succinctly:
“The videos are basically me with as many different bits of kit that i could lay my hands on creating some tortuous noise. I hope you enjoy.”

Create Tortuous Noise. Hmmm… I like the sound of that, perhaps better than the actual site title.

Amidst all that gear, though – however he may describe his performances through self-deprecatory wit – the live sets are I think quite wonderful. I look forward to watching as this evolves.

One more video:

Raindance from magicpockets on Vimeo.

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