In speaking about iPad apps this week, I mentioned the possibility of music made by cats. And, of course, today we look at the possibility of going inside Machinedrum’s musical technique. So, it’s only appropriate to offer you the opportunity to produce music with a sonic toolbox … developed by a cat. (Apologies, Mr. Stewart and Mr. Eno.)

AfroDJMac writes:

I was reading your post on Brian Eno and the blurb about cats making music, and I have something kind of relevant. I just put out Free Ableton Rack #65, which features my cat playing a rubberband, recorded with a contact mic. I then made the samples into a pretty versatile little synth. I know you guys are pro contact mic, and this also involves the current animal of choice on CDM.

The Post:
The Video (featuring my cat, Theo, on the rubberband) [above]

I’m actually a dog person, myself, generally, but I will certainly try to maintain an unbiased journalistic approach to species. Of course, if you’re allergic to cats, this download will still be perfectly safe. Problem solved.