Wouldn’t it be great to capture audio on the Mac as easily as you can take a screenshot?

We covered the brilliance of WavTap last month. Now, we like living on the bleeding edge, but some of you, uh, weren’t thrilled by things like having to compile the software from source.

Well, the creator of WavTap, Patrick Ellis, has been hard at work. The tool now has a friendly installer, the ability to save the last twenty seconds (so you don’t miss anything when you turn it on), an animated icon, and lots of reliability improvements. It also happily coexists with SoundFlower if you use that tool for inter-app audio routing. (WavTap was itself based on SoundFlower.)

Download and install:

And let us know how you use this. I may even use it as a quick way to grab sounds as I’m patching in Pd.