Think we live in a “visual” culture? Maybe not so much – watch what happens, or, rather, listen to what happens if you remove the music from a music video. Foley, that ingredient in filmmaking that winds up being as important as light, is essential. And the results are oddly compelling, perhaps more so without the music video.

YouTuber Moto2h promises more of these, but the first iteration takes on South Korean wrapper PSY and his “Gangnam Style” single. (Full disclosure: I somehow missed that this was one of the most popular music videos of all time, inspiring even a parody by the North Korean government. Bizarre.)

It’s doubly worth mentioning here, though, as it reveals another side of remix culture – the sound samples here come from sources that include Freesound, including the footsteps of our friend Rutger Muller, who kindly sends this our way.