Machinedrum, aka Travis Stewart, has a track that fulfills all the needs of a Halloween special one-time single download release:

1. Your butt will move around in a shaking fashion.
2. It will make you smile.
3. There’s some wolf-howling action. (Good for your inner canine, even after this holiday season passes.)
4. There’s a guy shouting about El Diablo. (Always good.)

Get it. It’s free. You’ll probably be on a new mailing list. (boo!)

Hope we talk to Travis more about some of his new music; stay tuned. But – this track is now on repeat.

PS – I would embed the stream, but for some reason all those animated Satanic sperms and the SoundCloud embed overlay aren’t letting me copy the code. (Hmmm… a shame, as the service they’re using looks cool. Not sure who I blame on this one, though – since 10% of the CDM readership is some kind of Web developer, perhaps you can enlighten us. from SoundCloud labs does look super cool! I blame the sperms!)

PPS – does this make anyone else suddenly want to play Diablo?