Lately, I keep coming across reflections on music that talk about movement. When we hear music, somehow, we’re moving inside – we’re following the lines of Bach counterpoint in our fingers, we’re singing along somewhere deep within to the vocals of Billie Holliday. We’re dancing.

“Until the Quiet Comes” is special for many reasons, in its music by Flying Lotus, in the short film by Kahlil Joseph. It’s a full meal in a Web video world many assume is made of bite-sized junk food.

But it’s special to me partly because of the way it embodies movement.

I hear from Flying Lotus recently when I saw him at SONAR; he was describing a desire for – if I remember what he said correctly – what he called “next-level s***.”

“Until the Quiet Comes” is the perfect figurative portrait of next levels. To me, it’s immensely human. And whether a video has one million view or just one, that seems a good kind of portrait to make.

The record is out now on Warp.
[from which the film is viewable everywhere, including even Germany, where the above is blocked]