LAYERS (teaser) / Audiovisual performance from NOhista on Vimeo.

In Madeleine L’Engle’s seminal science fiction novel A Wrinkle in Time, the characters on Camazotz walk in time to a pervasive beat produced by a telepathic brain known as IT. In “LAYERS,” synchronistic pedestrians are perhaps not so sinister. But in a more playful experiment, those figures become part of an audiovisual composition, a kind of beat-sequenced set of sampled walking people moving through volumes of color. The result is that an otherwise ordinary, mundane feature of the landscape becomes aesthetic.

Pedestrians, in other words, need not be pedestrian.

More information:

Layers is an audio/visual performance about perception and memory, with the goal of creating a choreography for a digital crowd. Using audio-video fragments of anonymous pedestrians, Nohista confronts the public with his personal experience of the urban crowd.
Here, space and time are dissolved through tables and reassembled throughout a partition where the audio and visual material becomes an instrument, propelling the viewer into an evanescent universe.
Audio-video by Nohista / Shot and produced in Montreal / 2012
for best video quality:
Sight and Sound 2012 / Eastern Bloc / Montreal
Byetone / Nohista / Centre Phi / Montreal

Thanks to Bruno/”nohista” for sending your work our way!

Live performance version:

LAYERS @ Sight and Sound 2012 from NOhista on Vimeo.