Kinect Ghosts from Ben Guerrette on Vimeo.

Just how significant is the impact of Kinect and computer vision?

Enough so that trick-or-treating kids might get to play a video game by waving their hands in front of someone’s garage. Which part of “we’re living in the future” did you not get, precisely? Ben Guerrette writes CDM:

Here’s a short video of a Kinect project I put together for the Halloween Trick or Treaters. I turned my garage into a giant video game. Well, kind of. I just projected in it. It’s a simple “get the ghost” game where up to 2 players can join
forces. “Pop” all twenty ghosts and you’re greeted with a “Happy Halloween!” message.

The kids and parents in my neighborhood seemed to enjoy it. It’s always satisfying to see kids interact with these types of projects and see how easily they do, or don’t pick it up. They’re great test subjects.

A treat, indeed. For a change of pace, the whole thing is built in Adobe’s AIR, using AIRKinect: