Those snap-tight blocks have a clear appeal for prototypers. Oh, and they’re fun to play with. Photo (CC-BY) slackpics.

Snap, snap… LEGO bricks are at some point irresistible for making a synth housing. Our friends at DE:BUG point to a LEGO-built, circuit-bending synth. And the imaginary toy world of LEGO find their way into this instrumental housing. Creator freeformdelusion writes:

ClearTone Synth with LFO inside a nice lego project box with a house, dog, flowers, LEDs and a female figure drinking away to the synths excellent sound!

Cheers to that, yes!

But, with LEGO bricks here and there for the holidays (you know, for kids), I wondered: who out there is prototyping synths and the like with LEGO? Found useful applications for it? (Or, for that matter, for Mindstorms?) We’ve covered a few of these projects over the years, but never had a comprehensive discussion about what people are using. LEGO’s patents have expired, and the company has failed to protect the block design via other legal means, but that also means making compatible blocks with specific applications is possible, too. So, let us know how you’re using this toy – or if you prefer something else, and leave this to the kids.

(One serious case in point: Ableton used LEGO when prototyping their upcoming Push controller early on. I hope to get more details on that process soon.)