Vienna in the snow, ca. 2008. Happy winter, Austria – this EP is a fitting soundtrack. Photo (CC-BY-SA) gego2605.

Call it experimental electro, ambient house… whatever the genre, Parque is smart, chilled-out music from Vienna. Full of cinematic cross-cuts and sharply-contrasted sound design, the EP “Amerika” is bathed in pleasantly-mellow melancholy. It’s only a debut, but an impressive one. The love and time put into production shines through. We’re pleased to introduce CDM reader Bene, aka Parque, to the site and listeners.

And the Bavarian-born, Vienna-based Bene has a nice benefit in mind as he makes his holiday-timed release:

All incoming proceeds until end of this year (minus Bandcamp and PayPal fees) will be forwarded to a Viennese homeless shelter called „Die Gruft“. They give bedrolls to them and have a kitchen where the homeless always get some warm food and tea.

Have a listen:

More on the charity (German-only):