A wintry afternoon sometimes calls for putting the work on hold and spending some time jamming. So, this week (in approximate celebration of Sinterklaas), I headed around the corner to the offices of Koma Elektronik, the boutique all-analog gear producer. Here’s a few minutes of combining digital with analog, each with its own timbres and applications. In the digital corner: the iOS step sequencer Phaedra (watch for an update on that soon), and our open source MeeBlip SE synth. On the analog side: Koma’s BD101 delay/gate and FT201 filter/sequencer. In the digital world, we get the flexibility of MIDI sequencing and some crunchy sounds; in the analog domain, we have patchable CV routing and my personal favorite, the far-out delay effects on the BD101. (Check out about halfway through.)

Signal flow:
iPad running Phaedra; see our behind-the-scenes story
MeeBlip SE [Fall 2012 Limited Edition] (that’s mostly MeeBlip sound you hear initially)
Koma Elektronik FT-201
Koma Elektronik BD-101

It’s just a quick hands-on jam (thanks to Koma’s Wouter shooting on a borrowed Nokia), but represents some of the sonic range. And it’s nice to have these sorts of relationships with gear makers; talking to Koma (among many other hardware and software creators) is always a learning experience.

More images, just because: