Windows PCs are from Mars, Macs are from Venus, Windows VST plug-ins won’t ever run on the Mac — wait, not so fast.

Ornament Uncle writes with a solution for running Windows VSTs on the Mac as if they were native plug-ins. The tutorial describes a fairly meticulous process – if you’re expecting this to be plug and play, don’t. You’ll want to read the steps thoroughly, and results may vary on different OS versions or with different plug-ins. (I feel obligated to say that as, even with free solutions, we sometimes hear readers complain when things don’t work easily on the first try; you should consider yourself a tester here and expect that things may not work!)

A little effort and time spent reading the tutorial, though, could easily pay off: it means opening up a world of previously Windows-only plug-ins to the Mac and having them work alongside your Mac plugs. Details:

Hi! I’ve described in detail on my blog a couple of years ago how to setup a wrapper called wacvst for Mac users to be able to use Win VST plugins. Very recently I’ve put together a better option and gave it a name, plugwire, my Wineskin setup. It’s all people need for Win VST plugins on Mac. Please check it out and if you think it’s any good maybe make a post for people to be made aware about it. Cheers!

Check it out, and let us know how it goes:

Add your face Win VST plugins to the mix [tips for your os x daw]

Image at top courtesy Ornament Uncle, showing a range of plugs in action.