The best music videos don’t just flow well with the pacing and feeling of music. They enhance it. And that’s certainly the case with the work of regular FlyLo collaborator and Adult Swim animator Adam ‘lilfuchs’ Fuchs of Atlanta, Georgia.

Add in Moog, and things get seriously trippy for lovers of synthesizers.

The resulting short, “Such a Square,” features Flying Lotus-produced sounds, made on a prototype of Moog’s new Sub Phatty synth. The liquid-smooth animation takes us on a psychedelic journey via Bob Moog’s mind, tracing circuitry and patch cords in acid-glowing washes of electric color. It feels like a prog cover come to beautiful life, and in a week full of dry videos shot under drab lighting and in stale environs, this may be the best animated promo you’ve ever seen.

It’s a perfect expression for a generation raised as children of the 70s, of Sesame Street and The Electric Company, experimental animation and prog-loving parents with fabulously-rich collections of vinyl. (I may be projecting here.)

What I love, though, is the feeling of hearing Flying Lotus’ video with an added dimension, one dripping with new sensation. See also Zodiac Sh*t by the same animator.

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Sh*t from lilfuchs on Vimeo.

Another vid treats us to Nobody Beats The Drum by Grindin’, a delicious wonderland of visuals.

Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin’ from Nobody Beats The Drum on Vimeo.

Slightly dated, but here’s a 2011 story on the animator. Hope we can do an interview soon.