resolume pack one. from beeple on Vimeo.

Beeple is one of the stars of visualist culture, and his packs of motion graphics represent best of the breed. So, download these. Get inspired by them. And by all means, if you use them, use that Creative Commons license to share some of your own original content to give back and to modify/remix these into something new, if you can! (Alternatively, watch and memorize these so you’ll spot them when they make appearances in live sets.)

Thanks to Mike Winkelmann for sharing his latest. And as always, he not only puts these under a CC license but shares all the project files. It’s an extraordinary chance to learn – and the kind of confidence Mike deserves, because he’s consistently at the top of his game.


Download the entire FREE pack now at:
All video released under Creative Commons for any commercial or non-commercial use.
video: beeple
music: SLDGHMR, M.SZ, Dayggs, Estate, Donny and the Robot, Miguel Baptista Benedict, Editor, Twink, Kyle Vande Slunt
daily artwork:

Do like.

Neenah, Wisconsin, for the win.

We know you have a choice in visualists. We hope your future motion plans include Beeple. Ours do.

We know you have a choice in airlines. We hope your future motion clip plans include Beeple. Ours do.