Arcade Showreel 2013 from Arcade on Vimeo.

If the world seems in need of more dynamic screens and augmented imagination, the new London studio Arcade is poised to make it happen. It’s a beautiful illustration of how to create an effective showreel. Description:

Arcade is an interdisciplanary design studio. We work at the intersection of digital and physical, to expose new opportunities from emerging technologies.

And it’s doubly worth mentioning for the personnel at Arcade. With artist and interaction designer James Alliban, Microsoft vet and technologist William Coleman, and designer / filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda, I expect great things. Matsuda has done some gorgeous work, particularly in the field of augmented reality – perhaps a storytelling and filmmaking background helps. James Alliban we’ve covered in these parts before, in the mobile space:

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Check out more of James’ projects: