Projection Mapping thoughts. Telenoika Mapping Workshop from Telenoika on Vimeo.

The development of perspective illusion in Europe didn’t come from an individual artist. There was no single breakthrough moment. The refinement of the technique was a collective, communal activity, forged in workshops and apprenticeships.

So, it’s fitting that the development of projection media around the same notions of perspective would be communal in the same way. Now, we’re back in Europe, but as a single focal point for a movement that’s truly global, now no longer controlled by guilds or the like, but as flat and open as the Internet.

Roberto Fazio sends us a couple of videos that show how participants are getting hands-on with the medium at the Telenoika workshops. At top, ideas about what this mapping business means from a number of artists:

Joanie Lemercier (AntiVj)
Roberto Fazio (RFStudio)
Santi Vilanova (Playmodes/Telenoika)
Eloi Maduell (Playmodes/Telenoika)
in Telenoika Mapping Workshop. Fabra i Coats, november 2012

Those participants work collaboratively, spreading the technical knowledge of how to get started with the medium, but then working together to find aesthetic and artistic ideas. As Roberto puts it, the resulting work explores “a relationship between space, the atmosphere, the architecture, using light as an instrument.”

And while the spread of projection mapping to more venues could be viewed as robbing the idea of its novelty, these artists see it differently. “It is becoming a new format, beyond the hype or fashion,”muses Santiago Villanova. In that event, its spread is a sign of greater value, not lesser.


More video from the workshop:

Telenoika Mapping Workshop 2012 (english) from Telenoika on Vimeo.